About us

We have been producing the insects since 2004 

We have many years of experience with exports to the EU.

Our new farm is the largest and most modern in the Czech Republic - in operation since October 2019.

As the first farm is the Czech Republic, we have approved the production of insects for food.

Housing and breeding conditions correspond to the highest veterinary standard.

Insects are bred in plastic crates and boxes.

All crates and breeding boxes are regularly disinfected.

All spaces of the farm are connected to forced ventilation of fresh air.

We use only approved feed of the highest quality.


We dispatch larvae in standard sizes in transportation crates in amount of 2,5 kg - cleaned and chilled to 8-10 ℃ . The optimal quantity of one delivery is 700 - 1000 kg.


We provide our transport by a refrigerated van - Renault Master - carrier.                                  

Upon request, we will send you the price of the insect and the price of transport to you.